Blokart podvozek

Blokart podvozek

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Blokart New Zealand

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The Chassis Durable Build We know wind can often bring rough weather, so we made our Blokarts durable and rust resistant. All Blokarts come with a Pro Chassis frame, made from anti-corrosive, 304 stainless steel. Our karts are easy to clean, just give them a hose down after sailing. Each Blokart comes with maintenance tips and a one year manufacturer's wa­rranty.

Innovative Design Blokarts are ideal for new or experienced sailors because they are easy to learn, but challenging to master—they can sail in light winds, yet also reach high-performance sailing speeds of 55 knots, making them on par with even the foiling capabilities of America's Cup yachts. Nimble and maneuverable, all you need is a firm surface the size of four tennis courts to sail.

Compact Size Our karts transport easily and can full pack down, including a mast and sail, into its own carry bag that measures just 0.78 by 1.18 meters. Each Blokart also comes with instructions for assembly in a matter of minutes without any special tools. This means our sailors can fit their karts into a car trunk for weekends away, or as checked airplane baggage for worldwide competitions.

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