windsufing plachta Naish Force 5 S25 ( 511.15000.010 )

power wave plachta Naish Sails Force 5, S25 velikost 4,0

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Naish Sails USA

Cena s DPH
15 125,00 Kč

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Detailní popis produktu

The Force 5 is the Naish power wavesail with a classic five batten geometry that packs real punch into a surf optimised outline. Designed for wave riders looking for extra power and control over a wide wind range, this sail planes early, is fast and easy to control yet is still a true wavesail at heart. The power makes it ideal for heavier riders, while the extended range and extra stability makes it the go-to sail for anyone looking for accessible power. It is also a great choice for high wind, flatwater sailing, making the Force 5 stand out as the most versatile Naish wave sail.


Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets
Partial Spectraview Composite Window
Single X-166 Luff Panel
Horizontal Panel Layout with Radial Clew
Carbon Airframe
X-166 Film


Light, Stable and Durable
Optimized for Wave Riding
Great Handling in a Large Wind Range

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