plovák Naish GALAXY 125l S26 ( 516.22130.000 )

Freeride/Slalom/Fo­iling plovák, výtlak 125 a 145l

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Naish Sails USA

Cena s DPH
59 774,00 Kč

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The Galaxy is a widebody freeride board that's equally at home on the fin or on the foil. Well balanced and early planing, the Galaxy is incredibly easy to jibe for a board of its width. The wide tail with a generous amount of surface area guarantees early planing while the cutouts reduce wetted surface area when up to speed, providing great top end performance. Featuring a foil-ready Deep Tuttle box and multiple foot strap options, the Galaxy will allow you to tune and perfectly adapt to any conditions that are available.


Level Deck Shape
Tail Cut Outs
Ergonomic Foot Straps
Medium Density Footpads
MFC HF Ride Fin
Reinforced Deep Tuttle Foil Box
Multiple Foot Strap Positions
Foil Ready

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